Australian Terrier

Australian Terrier
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The "Aussie" is a brave, self-assured, confident little dog. He has the courage of a much larger dog. He's known for being a bit stubborn and having a mind of his own, yet is eager to please, quite easy to train, and a warm and loyal companion. He isn't a yappy dog, and usually barks only of he has good reason. He makes a good watchdog and will sound the alarm for a stranger at the door. He loves to be close to his family, and shouldn't be left alone in a yard all day long. With nothing else to do, he could start digging holes. He needs to romp and play games as well as be taken out for a walk a couple of times a week. He is generally friendly and affectionate, but can be shy or aggressive toward new people, and also toward other dogs. You should keep a firm grip on his leash while walking him. The Aussie was bred to hunt rats and mice, and will chase after any small creature that runs and probably kill it! You need to be especially careful around cats and other small pets. He's very good with children as long as they don't tease him. He's relatively easy to housebreak, and can live in an apartment without a yard as long as he gets his regular walks. He's known for being easy to feed and not at all fussy about his meals. He sheds little to no hair, and so would be a good pet for a clean-freak.


The "Aussie" is 9 to 11 inches tall (to shoulders) and weighs 9 to 14 pounds. He has a medium-length, wiry, double coat. The topcoat is wiry and harsh. The undercoat is soft. His coat color can be tan, red, blue, black, or a combination of two colors (like black and tan).


You only need to brush his coat every few weeks. Pet Coat: Clipped short every few months. Show coat: Dead hairs plucked every six months.


The Australian terrier descended from several different terrier breeds brought from England to Australia to hunt snakes and rats. Beginning in the 1880's, a dog known as the Rough-Coated Terrier was crossbred with other terriers, eventually resulting in the modern "Aussie," the first native-born breed to be recognized in Australia. The new breed was first shown in 1868; the first Australian Terrier club was formed in 1887. The Australian Terrier was admitted to the AKC in 1960, and recognized in England in 1993. His AKC popularity in 2007 was 108th out of 157 breeds.


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