Brussels Griffon (Smooth)

Brussels Griffon (Smooth)
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A confident, spunky, excitable, energetic and friendly dog, the Brussels Griffon wants to be your constant companion! He loves you best of all people, and wants to go everywhere with you. He will follow you all day and jump in your lap every chance he gets. He needs lots of cuddles and attention, and loves to be spoiled. He's a sensitive and fragile dog who can feel hurt if he's neglected, so he can't be left alone all day. He gets along wonderfully with his family and with other dogs and pets. However, because he is a small and fragile dog, he can only be with young children if they are very considerate of him. He doesn't need a great deal of exercise and is too small for rough outdoor play. Some indoor running and a short daily walk are all he needs. He can be shy with strangers at first, but quickly warms up to them. He can sometimes be bossy and stubborn, and not knowing how small he is will stand up to a bigger dog without understanding he could get into trouble. He isn't very easy to train, because he loses interest quickly. To train him you'll need to make his lessons short and fun. He may be difficult to housebreak. He's very alert and a good barker, so he makes a fine watchdog. He virtually doesn't shed and would be a good pet if you like a tidy house.


The Brussels Griffon is 7 to 8 inches tall (to shoulders) and weighs 8 to 12 pounds. He has a short, smooth coat. His coat color can be red, black, black and tan, or reddish-brown and black.


You only need to brush him occasionally.


The Brussels Griffon was originally bred in Belgium, and was used by coachmen to keep their stables free of rodents. The breed is known to be made up of bloodlines from the Affenpinscher, the Ruby Spaniel, and the Pug. The first Brussels Griffon clubs were established in 1897 (in England) and in 1945 (in America). He was registered with the AKC in 1900, and his AKC popularity was 60th out of 157 breeds in 2007.


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