Lancashire Heeler

Lancashire Heeler
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The Lancashire Heeler is a hardworking, playful, loving, energetic and happy dog. He becomes very attached to his owner, and wants to live in the house and be a member of your family. He is gentle and affectionate and loves to curl by your side and be cuddled and petted. When he is happy, he pulls his lips back and shows his teeth in what is unmistakably a smile! Inside the house he is relaxed, docile, and able to take a good nap; but as soon as the doorbell rings or he's called on to work or play, he springs into action. He is a sturdy, feisty, agile, capable dog who can glide swiftly across a field and jump and turn in mid-air. He has a great deal of stamina and needs long daily walks and chances to run free in a large fenced yard or park. When outdoors, he should always be on a leash or in a secure area, as he will chase after small animals. He is not a good dog to leave alone in a yard as he can dig, climb, and escape. He is bold and confident. He is easy to train and learns very quickly, but can also be stubborn and mischievous. He needs clear rules to follow. You must be kind but firm and consistent to train him. He is curious and fun-loving, and likes wrestling with his toys and joining in family games. He is friendly and fun with people he knows but can be wary and nervous around those he doesn't. He is an alert watchdog who will raise the alarm at the approach of an intruder. He gets along well with other dogs and with cats if he is raised with them as a puppy. While he can do quite well with children, he is a better companion for older children, as he has a tendency to nip at heels (he must be trained not to do this). He is an excellent ratter and hunter of rabbits, and a skilled and natural herder. He can handle all sorts of weather, whether to work on a farm or simply go jogging with you. He is a medium shedder, and so might not be a good pet if you are concerned about dog-hair in the home.


The Lancashire Heeler is 10 to 12 inches tall (to shoulders) and weighs 6 to 13 pounds. He has a short, smooth overcoat and a weather-resistant undercoat. His coat color is black and tan or liver and tan.


He only needs an occasional brushing. You might brush him more frequently to remove the shed hair before it falls out in your home.


The Lancashire Heeler was used for hundreds of years in the Northwest of England as both a herder of cattle and sheep and a hunter of rats and rabbits. After becoming nearly extinct, the breed was revived in the 1960's by crossing Welsh Corgis and Manchester Terriers. The first Lancashire Heeler Club was formed in 1981, and the breed was admitted to the Kennel Club (England) in 1982. While he is now primarily a companion dog, the Lancashire Heeler is still used for work on some English farms, and has a small but very devoted following. He is listed by the AKC as a rare and endangered breed.


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