Manchester Terrier (Toy)

Manchester Terrier (Toy)
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The Manchester Terrier is an intensely devoted, loyal, affectionate, energetic and enthusiastic dog. He is a steady and loving companion who can also be quite independent and determined. He is easy to train and housebreak because he is so eager to please you, and he learns quickly. But because he can be independent and headstrong, you will need to be firm and positive with him, and control his stubborn side. What he wants above all is to be with his family. He is always ready to greet you with joyful licking and barking, to go out and play with you, to ride in the car with you, or to go biking or jogging at your side! He doesn't do well if left alone, and can be destructive or barky if ignored. He might also dig under or jump over a fence. He is faithful and loving to his family, but shy and wary of strangers. He is an alert watchdog who will bark to warn you if a stranger is near. Because he is so loyal and protective he will take on opponents much larger than he is, so you need to be protective and careful of him as well. He is generally friendly with other dogs once introduced to them, but is not reliable around small pets. When outdoors, he should be leashed because he will chase after small animals. He is energetic and needs a great deal of exercise both inside and outside the home. He is always ready for action and loves to play outdoor games. He is good and patient with children, as long as he is introduced to them while still a puppy. He is a medium shedder, and so might not be a good pet if you are concerned about dog-hair in the home.


The Manchester Terrier is 10 to 12 inches tall (to shoulders) and weighs 6 to 12 pounds. He has a short, smooth coat. His coat color is black and tan.


His coat only needs to be brushed occasionally, or more often to reduce shedding.


The Manchester Terrier is named for the Manchester district of England, and is the oldest of all recognized terrier breeds. Originally called the "Black and Tan," he was developed in the 19th century by John Hulme, a breeder who crossed a whippet with rat-hunting terrier to create a dog that would gamely chase and hunt small animals. By 1860 the Manchester Terrier was widely known around England, and in 1886 he was registered with the AKC. The Manchester Terrier Club of America was formed in 1923. His AKC popularity was 113th out of 157 breeds in 2007.


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