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English Bulldog

The Pug is a gentle, sensitive, happy, outgoing, playful, loyal and deeply loving dog. He wants to be near you, to sit at your feet, to sleep on the couch with you or follow you from room to room. He prefers human friendship to all other kinds of companionship, and is a sweet, affectionate and warm companion. Even though he has a good bark, he doesn't generally make a good watchdog because he is instantly welcoming and cheerful with visitors, and may not recognize a stranger or intruder. He is not a yappy dog, although he can be mischievous at times, and loves to clown and show off for people. He loves to be cuddled and petted, too, and needs a great deal of attention. He can become anxious or jealous if your attention is given to something other than him. He needs to be near people, and is not a dog who can be left alone or kenneled all day. He is very sensitive to cold and heat, and needs to be inside where the temperature can be controlled. He loves to lounge around the house and he sleeps a great deal, but he is not a truly lazy dog. He is rambunctious and always ready to play. He needs a walk every now and then. You should be careful not to exercise him too much or he will begin to wheeze. He gets along well with other pets. He has a special affection for children, and is gentle, patient and dependable with responsible young ones. He loves to eat! So you must be careful not to feed him too much, and help him get enough exercise, or else he will become fat. Because of his flat face, he wheezes, snores, snorts and sneezes. The wrinkles around his face need to be cleaned regularly. Even though he is eager to please you, he isn't easy to train, because he can be easily bored by repetitious exercises and because he is very sensitive to harsh tones and commands. He wants to understand you, but sometimes he can't, so you have to be gentle in your training methods with him. He can become stubborn and willful if you aren't careful. He is an extremely high shedder, and so would not be a good pet if you dislike dog hair and vacuuming frequently.


The Pug is 12 to 14 inches tall (to shoulders) and weighs 14 to 18 pounds. He has a short, smooth, glossy coat. His coat color can be fawn, black, apricot, or silver.


His coat only requires an occasional brushing. But because of the amount of hair he sheds you might find you have to brush it daily to minimize hair in the home.


The Pug is a very old breed, and can be traced back to before 400 B.C. He is of Chinese origin and related to the Pekingese. For many centuries he was a privileged companion in Buddhist monasteries and in the royal courts of Asia, and probably first arrived in Europe during the 1500's. His name may come from the Latin "pugnus," or "fist," or from a popular pet monkey of the 1700's who was also known as a "pug." He became the official dog of the royal house of Holland when he saved the life of Prince William of Orange, and was used by Josephine Bonaparte to send secret messages to Napoleon. He appears in the work of Goya and in paintings by other famous artists. In 1860 the British invaded China and Pugs were sent back to England. He was first exhibited in England in 1886, and recognized by the AKC in 1885. His AKC popularity was 14th out of 157 breeds in 2007.


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