Skye Terrier

Skye Terrier
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The Skye Terrier is a loyal, devoted, protective, sensitive and loving dog. He becomes very attached to one person or one family. He doesn't like to be held or cuddled, except by those who know him, and is shy and aloof with strangers. He can learn to be polite to visitors if he is given experience with them while still a puppy, but will always be distrustful and standoffish at first. He makes a good watchdog because he senses trouble from a distance, and then barks alertly to warn you. In general he isn't a yappy dog, and will only bark at something unusual. He can be calm, quiet and a relative couch-potato in the house, happy to sit beside you for hours; but he is also a moderately active dog who loves to run and explore, and who needs to go outside for a daily walk or romp. He makes a wonderful hiking companion. He should always be on a leash while out walking or hiking, because he will chase small animals, and he needs a strongly fenced yard if he is going to play off-leash. He can be aggressive with other dogs of the same sex, and needs to be trained to be around other animals while he is still young, so that he can get along with them. He loves and craves attention and affection, and is not a good dog to leave alone. If he becomes bored, he can dig or chew destructively. He wants above all to be a family dog. He isn't an easy dog to train, as he can be willful and headstrong. Not one to blindly follow your commands, instead he seems to think about them first! He is also sensitive to harsh words, and will be resentful if he thinks you are being too hard on him. He has a long memory when it comes to unfairness and scolding, and so requires patience, love and consistence to train. He doesn't like to be teased, and so should not be left unsupervised with children, although he can get along with children if he is raised with them as a puppy. He is a medium shedder, and so might not be a good pet if you are concerned about dog-hair in the home.


The Skye Terrier is 9 to 10 inches tall (to shoulders) and weighs 18 to 20 pounds. He has a double coat consisting of a long, straight outer coat and a short, soft undercoat. His coat color can be black, blue, cream, fawn, gray, or silver.


Pet coat: His coat only needs to be brushed occasionally, and clipped short every few months. Show coat: Brushed for 10 to 15 minutes daily to prevent matting and tangling, and trimmed every 6 weeks.


The Skye Terrier is named after the Isle of Skye in Scotland, and is descended from the oldest Scottish terrier breeds. He was known as far back as the 16th century, when he was used as a herder and as a hunter of fox, badger, and otter. He became extremely popular with both the English and Scottish nobility, and later with Queen Victoria, who raised "Skyes" for her royal kennels. The Skye Terrier was recognized by the AKC in 1887, but in recent decades has his lost popularity, and is now considered a "vulnerable" breed whose survival beyond the next fifty years remains in doubt. His AKC popularity was 152nd out of 157 breeds in 2007.


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