Swedish Vallhund

Swedish Vallhund
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The Swedish Vallhund is an alert, affectionate, devoted, energetic, happy and friendly dog. He's a fun-loving, clownish show-off who takes his even-tempered attitude with him everywhere he goes. He loves attention, but he also needs human leadership. He is extremely dedicated to his family, is always ready to play or to learn something new, and wants to be with you as much as possible. He is intensely focused on you. He is not a dog who can be left alone in a house or yard. He is a high-energy dog who needs a great deal of mental as well as physical exercise. He is easy to train as he is very eager to please you, and he loves performing all kinds of challenging tasks. He is a confident, thinking dog who can occasionally be a bit strong-willed--but for the most part he can't wait to learn anything you can teach him! He excels at herding and agility and even search and rescue, and makes a wonderful outdoor companion. Although he can be quite active indoors, he also needs a daily leashed walk, and loves to chase and fetch sticks, balls, and Frisbees. He may chase away dogs he isn't familiar with, but he is good with pets he knows and has been introduced to, and loves and is friendly and polite with people. He does well with children, although he does have a tendency to herd them and nip at heels, and must be trained not to do this. He makes a good watchdog because he is alert and will bark loudly at any strange sound or sight. He is a very vocal dog who can sometimes bark too much, and must be told to quiet down. He is a heavy shedder, and so will not be a good pet if you dislike the idea of finding dog hair everywhere or having vacuuming more frequently.


The Swedish Vallhund is 11 to 14 inches tall (to shoulders) and weighs 23 to 35 pounds. He has a double coat consisting of a short outer coat and a soft, thick undercoat. His coat color can be black, blue, gray, red, or yellow.


His coat only requires an occasional brushing. But, you might find yourself brushing it more often since it sheds so much hair! (What you remove with a brush--you don't have to remove with the vacuum)


The Swedish Vallhund is a very old breed of dog who has been known for at least 1,000 years. His name means "Herding Dog" in Swedish, and he is also known as the "Viking Dog." For centuries he was used to herd livestock, guard farms, and catch rodents. He is still used in Sweden as a herder, and by the Swedish Army as a Search and Rescue dog. In 1942 his breed almost became extinct, but was carefully revived in his home country and in 1948 he was recognized by the Swedish Kennel Club. The first American litter of Swedish Vallhunds was born in 1986, and the breed admitted to the AKC in 2007. Still a relatively rare and unusual dog, he was shown for the first time at the Westminster Kennel Club Show in 2008. His AKC popularity was 87th out of 157 breeds in 2007.


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