Welsh Terrier

Welsh Terrier
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The Welsh Terrier, or "Welshie," is an energetic, happy, playful, confident, independent and loving dog. He is always happy to see you and ready to do anything and everything with you, and he needs a great deal of your love and attention. He loves to run and play ball games and even swim (he loves water!), but he can also relax and cuddle with you on the couch... at least until he sees a squirrel outside the window. He has a very strong desire to chase animals, and must always be on a leash when out walking. He will confront other dogs unless he knows them well, and is not trustworthy with small pets. He is not a good dog to leave alone in a yard. If bored or ignored, he may bark, dig, climb, or escape. He wants to be involved with you as much as possible, and is completely devoted to his family. He is cheerful and eager to please you. He is a trainable dog who learns fairly quickly and understands you, but who can also be stubborn and mischievous. He may try to distract you so he can get his own way. You will need to be calm and patient to give him his obedience training, and must give him a variety of interesting tasks to perform. He needs plenty of mental stimulation. He is a high-energy dog who is almost always busy and on the go. He seems never to grow tired! He needs daily walks as well as chances to romp or play Frisbee in a safely enclosed area. He gets along well with older, responsible children, and in some cases can be patient enough for younger ones; but there is always a chance he will be too rough with toddlers, and so is not recommended for them. He is steady, friendly, sweet and outgoing to people he knows, but shy and wary with strangers. He makes a very good watchdog because he is persistent and fearless, and will bark loudly at the approach of a stranger or any strange sounds. He may sometimes bark too much. If he is socialized to visitors while still a puppy, he will be well-mannered and polite. He is calmer than many dogs of the terrier breed, and generally quite self-controlled and sensible. He virtually doesn't shed, and so would be a good dog if you like a neat house.


The Welsh Terrier is 15 inches tall (to shoulders) and weighs 20 pounds. He has a medium-length, wiry coat. His coat color is tan with black, gray, or both.


His coat only needs to be brushed occasionally. Pet coat: Clipped short every few months. Show coat: Stripped (dead hairs plucked out) every few months.


The Welsh Terrier is a very old breed and was first known as the Old English Terrier or the Black and Tan Rough Terrier. He was bred in Wales to hunt and chase badger, otter and fox, and was exhibited in regional shows as early as the 1800's. In 1888 he arrived in America, and in 1900 was designated the Welsh Terrier. He was first shown at the Westminster Kennel Club Show in 1901. His AKC popularity was 97th out of 157 breeds in 2007.


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